9.30 welcoming (Michela Matteoli; Thierry Galli; Davide Pozzi)

10.00 DavidCRubinsztein

Autophagy and neurodegenerative diseases

11.15 Wim Annaert

Tipping the balance to autophagy or endolysosomal dysfunction in neurodegeneration: what are genetics telling to cell biologists?

12.30: Lunch

Tour of the garden

14.30 DavidCRubinsztein

Autophagy and polyglutamine diseases

15:45 Wim Annaert

Presenilin function in endosomes: relevance for both late and early onset Alzheimer’s disease?

17:00 Coffee break

17.30 Angelo Poletti:

Motoneuron diseases and the protein quality control system.

Speakers Dinner



9.00 Thierry Galli

Lysosomal and autophagosomal secretion in neurite growth

10.15 Patricia Burgos

Interplay between the autophagy-lysosomal pathway and the ubiquitin-proteasome system: a target for therapeutic development in Alzheimer’s disease

11:30 Social event

13:30 lunch

14.30 Angelo Poletti:

The molecular regulation of the interplay between autophagy and the proteasome, as a way to protect from neurodegeneration

15:45 Franck Oury

Systemic milieu, brain cognitive functions and aging

17:00 Coffee break

17:30 Patricia Burgos

BACE1 and its amyloidogenic C99 product as mediators of organelle damage in Alzheimer’s disease

Free evening



9.00 Lawrence Rajendran

A biphasic amyloid-synapse model integrating genetics, lifestyle and nutrition on the Alzheimer’s disease risk

10.15 Tim Vervliet

Ca2+ signaling in autophagy: a focus on the brain

11:30 social event

14.30 Lunch

15:30 Patrik Verstreken

Synaptic autophagy defects in Parkinson’s disease

16:45 Lawrence Rajendran

Endo-Lyso.autophagosomal function and dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease



9.00 Patrik Verstreken

Genetic analyses of synaptic defects in Drosophila

10:15 Francesco Cecconi

Selective autophagy and its role in cancer: novel and known pathways

11.30 Coffee break

12.00 Tim Vervliet

Endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ release channels as regulators of autophagy

13.15: Lunch

 14:30 Francesco Cecconi

Autophagy regulation in brain tumors

15:45 Franck Oury

Autophagic regulation of cognitive functions and its implication during brain aging


17:00 Departure